Step 1) Choose a DNA Test

Select from one of our following DNA Testing Services:

Paternity Aunt / Uncle Sibling Grandparent
Maternity Twins Y-Chromosome Infidelity
Individual Replace / Add to Test    

Some facts to consider when choosing:

  • Choose a DNA Test based on who needs tested (typically the child) and whom you can also test (alleged father, sibling, etc.).
  • Some tests can be upgraded to AccuPlex DNA (recommended). Others are only offered as an AccuPlex41 DNA Test.
See DNA Testing Services for a complete listing of our services.

Step 2) Choose a Collection Method

We offer two methods of collecting DNA samples. Both methods are used to collect from home.

  • Make Your Own DNA Kit
  • This method is the fastest and easiest way to collect your samples and sent to us.
  • Requires cotton swabs (such as Q-Tips) and standard mailing envelopes.
  • If you need to send Non-Standard Sample(s), we require the Make Your Own Kit.
  • GFI DNA Collection Kit
  • The GFI Collection Kit is available for US customers only.
  • Includes detailed instructions and all required collection materials.
  • Free Shipping includes USPS or FedEx ground. Express and Return options included.
To get the fastest results possible, choose to Make Your Own Kit, add Rush Processing, and send with Express Overnight Shipping.

Step 3) Complete the Online Order Form

We have created custom order forms suited to each test. Most forms require at a minimum:

  • Number of People to be Tested.
  • AccuPlex DNA Upgrade (If applicable).
  • Collection Method.
  • Non-Standard Samples / Shipping Speed
  • Rush Processing Upgrade

Step 4) Collect and Send

After checkout, you will be ready to collect your samples and send to our lab.

Make Your Own DNA Kit Instructions GFI DNA Collection Kit Instructions

That's it! Once we receive your samples, we will email the results within 2-4 business days. If you have questions, please Contact Us.