What is Individual DNA Testing?

The Individual DNA Test is unique, in that no calculation is performed to test for relationship. With this order, you will receive a digital representation of your genetic profile for either personal, educational, or future use.

If you want to add or replace a sample to a pre-existing order, please see Add / Replace to DNA Test.

Reasons for ordering an Individual DNA Test

  • A copy of a person's genetic identity in case of a tragedy.
  • Compare the results of one person against that of another lab.
  • Ordering a single profile now for a future DNA Test.
  • Testing a person or item while still possible.
  • Submitting your sample to an ancestry database.

Order an Individual DNA Test

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AccuPlex26: 26 Marker Test ($100 per person)
AccuPlex41: 41 Marker Test ($150 per person)
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AccuPlex26 Upgrade ($100 person)
AccuPlex41 Upgrade ($150 person)
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GFI DNA Collection Kit
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