What is Grandparent DNA Testing?

When an Alleged Father is not directly able to be tested, at least one of his parents are likely to help. Ideally, both parents of the alleged father, the mother and the child should be tested for best results.

Because this is an AccuPlex41 DNA Test, no additional family members are required. Adding the mother, however, will strengthen the results.

Grandparent DNA Test Details

Participants This test requires a Grandfather / Grandmother (typically the mother or father of alleged father) and Child. Including the opposite parent (such as the mother) is optional, but recommended.
Home DNA Kits Make Your Own DNA Kit using cotton swabs (e.g. Q-Tips) and standard mailing envelopes. GFI DNA Collection Kit with Free Shipping for US Orders.
Payment We accept Paypal and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). For discrete payments, we suggest purchasing a pre-paid credit card available at most retailers.
Results The results will show this probability of the participants being related. Each grandparent should share 1/4 of their DNA with the grandchild. The statistical power – and results – of this DNA Test may be limited if only one grandparent and a child are tested. If they share enough uncommon markers, however, there may be a high likelihood that they are biologically related.
Case Studies If you're unsure about upgrading to an AccuPlex DNA test, please see our Grandparent DNA Test Case Studies from previous cases.

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